Double-Ended Pivot Bearing

Double-Ended Pivot BearingThese pivots carry higher radial loads than cantilevered pivot bearings and are mounted with both ends attached or supported allowing the center portion to rotate. General double-ended pivot bearing applications include weigh stations, u-joints, seismometers, and linkage systems.

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Overview

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Features

The load capacities shown below represent maximum allowable forces in any single direction. If the intended application has multi-directional loading, such as combined axial and radial loads, bending moments, extreme temperatures, or will be subjected to vibration or shock loads please consult our engineering staff for assistance.

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Characteristics Chart

Use the Pivot Characteristics Chart PDF below in combination with our life cycle curves to determine the proper pivot for your application:
Double Ended Pivot Characteristics Chart PDF

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Standard Material

The pivot body is AISI 410 or 420 corrosion-resistant steel and the flexing elements are AISI 420 corrosion resistant steel. These pivots utilize brazed construction consisting of a silver/copper and nickel filler material.

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Torsional Spring Rate

The spring rates are usually within ±10% or less of the tabulated values above. However, the tolerances can be much larger for spring rate values below .0018 in-lb/deg. Contact our engineering staff if closer tolerances or actual values are required.

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Welded Construction

For applications where the braze alloy presents a problem, electron beam welded construction is available. If welded construction is desired please contact our engineering staff for assistance.

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing Tighter Diameter Tolerance

For applications where a tighter diameter tolerance is required, +0.0000/-0.0002, specify “T2” after the catalog number. If other tolerance variations are desired please contact our engineering staff for assistance.

To learn more about casino groupe’s Double-Ended Pivot Bearings, please contact a member of our team. We are happy to assist you with your project needs.

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